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FXP-16A Automatic Reversal Bottle Washing Machine

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Technical performance:
      This machine is mainly used for washing PET bottles and glass bottles. It is applied to automatic bottle washing in beverage plants, wineries, Sauce vinegar factory, and other food manufacturers.

      It adopts a series of processes like flexible grasping bottles by powerful machinery, 180 turned bottles, washing, controlling bottles, flip resetting and bottles out, achieving a fully automated production. Continuous tracking bottle is of high efficiency and good washing effect. It can be combined with filling machine, plug printer and other equipment for line use.


Performance advantages:
This machine is composed of advanced electrical and gas components that are the entire washing process control system for full automation. We can ensure that the machine can rinse the bottle in reliably high-speed continuous mode, so it has high production efficiency. This machine is rotating, using washing liquid (such as: alkali, hot water, clean and cold water) and sterile compressed air jetting cavity to wash the inside bottle automatically.
Flushing system designed to flush water recycling and filtration devices can be recycled, reducing energy consumption.
there are three styles of bottle sprinklers for customers to choose, a fixed one and two dynamic lift ones. Bottle technology is reasonable with less residual fluid.
simple to operate, with a variety of security devices to ensure operator and equipment safe.
main motor and bottle transmission are used FM technology.

mainly electrical parts of the machine are imported components. It is available for customers to configure the machine's 'man - machine interface, so as to effectively ensure the use of the product stability and durability.

The machine is equipped with independent power plant. Active force is transfered by the universal coupling power, interacting with filling machine.
This machine is designed with a quick replacement parts which can meet the customers’ needs of different bottles used in the same washing machine. If you need to rinse from a bottle into another bottle, just replace a few parts related to the bottle in a short time.
The machine is designed for customers to configure disinfect fluid circulation and water circulation system and other components. Circulatory system is a bottle of disinfectant that can be recycled. Water circulation system is to supply the second flush via net circulation purification system to the first flush when the bottle is washing.
compared with the traditional washing machine, its energy consumption, water consumption and space usage can reduce 80% at least. What’s more, it has very little environmental pollution and is easy to maintain.

Technical parameters:
Number of filling heads: 16
Capacity: 3000 bottles / hour
Application bottlenecks: φ50-φ100 mm
Application bottle high:220-330 mm
Power: 1.1 kw
Dimension: 1300×1300×1600 mm
Weight: 1100 kg


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