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LD-N100 Automatic Vertical Bag Packaging Machine

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Technical performance:
This machine is a three-section roller vertical packaging machine designed to achieve automatic packaging of liquid materials sealing three sides or four sides. It is suitable for the packaging pesticides, daily use chemical, food, medicine and other liquid materials.

The machine has a vertical heat sealing roller, a horizontal heat sealing roller, a horizontal cold sealing rollers. By sealing roller, vertical sealing pattern uses checkerboard pattern with leak-proof line. Horizontal sealing pattern uses checkerboard pattern or flat sealing with leak-proof sealing line. Materials are packaged into bags through different metering device according to different materials. There are three ways to cut off the machine by flat knife, serrated knife and point marking knife. It is also equipped with incision device which make it convenient and easy to tear and open bags.

Performance advantages:
High-speed, high-precision
Man-machine conversation interface
Wide adjustable bag length setting style, simple adjusting and reliability
Photoelectric automatic calibration of the three bags
Two variable frequency drive, stable and reliable
hot roller bearings, firm sealing, free maintenance, low noise

Technical parameters:
Bag length50-160 mm
Bag width30-110 mm
Packing speed: 20-120 bags / min
Measurement range :1-60 ml
Packaging Materials: PET / PE, PET / AV / PE, NY / AL / PE,NY / PE, ETC
Sealing Form: three or four sides sealed
Power supply: AC380 V
Total power: 4 KW
Dimension: 1400 × 1000 × 1800 mm
Weight: 500 Kg




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