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Automatic Cap Elevator

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Technical performance:
      This machine is designed to enhance the cap cover machine cover for use, supporting the use of machine with Capping. As it changes, they can be used to upgrade other hardware goods transportation, more than one machine can be used. This machine can complete the company's FXZ series and ZL series of capping machine use, using an alternative way to cover the bottom of Tim manual, the automatic work more convenient, fast. The device structure is simple, is the ideal production line auxiliary equipment.

Performance advantages:
◆ Operating system - used in traditional user interface, simple, safe and reliable.
◆ Functional advantage - and supporting the use of capping machine, automatic cover without cover, covered auto stop, automatic control.
◆ Variable - can be realized according to production needs shelters speed adjustable.
◆ Electrical components - are internationally well-known brands, to ensure safe and reliable equipment.
◆ Mechanical parts - the main parts of the machine are of high quality 304 stainless steel.
◆ Maintenance situations - the machine meet the GMP requirements, easy disassembly, cleaning & maintenance

Technical parameters:
◆ Capacity: 60-120/minute
◆ Voltage: 220 V/380 V
◆ Power: 0.37 kw
◆ Dimensions: 1500×600×2000 mm
◆ Weight: 100 kg

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