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The future of printing digital printing industry trends

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Digital printing of the following characteristics:

Digital Printing I: Farewell lead and fire

After bidding farewell to lead and fire stage, to achieve the electronic publishing system to replace the traditional lead type layout, the transformation of the traditional operation of typesetting technology and environment for publishing and printing of digital has laid a foundation, it should be said that digital printing technology, the development of important milestone. The significance of the development of electronic publishing system is not just bid farewell to the lead and fire, but more importantly is the publishing and printing of digital long-term development has laid a foundation of great significance.

Digital Printing II: remote transmission version

Ten years ago, the reader can not see the date of publication of the off-site daily, especially in our remote areas, often becomes old news is news, not to mention the timeliness of the information. With digital communications technology to replace the traditional printed version published in the kind of off-site transfer, greatly improving the timeliness of remote publishing and accuracy. But also for remote web publishing and printing today laid the foundation.

Digital printing three: color and image

People on the desktop color publishing system can replace the electronic color separation machine as if still in yesterday's debate, with the image processing technology, separation technology, color management, image scanning, image information exchange technology, this debate has the past. Desktop color publishing system to improve the color of the plate efficiency in figure one, and the arts and publishing together organically, so we have a creative publishing and printing in design, simple message transfer process into an art.

Digital Printing Four: goodbye to paper and pencil

Network technology, network editing and publishing technology, information tracking technology, information exchange technology, information dissemination technology, the emergence and development, making use of computer and Internet technology and digital publishing editor is possible. Stage of development of this technology is digital publishing, the most important is that it is fully digital cross-media publishing and printing and publishing to achieve taken a key step.

Digital Printing V: efficiency, quality and management

When the Open any technology related to this industry publications, computer to plate (CTP), film scanning, digital workflow (WORKFLOW), digital proofing and remote proofing, printing plant management system, on-demand, quick printing has a lot of introduction, these are the printing and publishing in order to achieve high efficiency, quality and management objectives.

Digital Printing VI: cross-media publishing and web publishing

The same set of digital content through various media release, that is, cross-media publishing, for example, the same file can be printed on paper not only to newspapers, books issued in the form (paper, media release), but also through the network at any time on any device anywhere to generate, manage and deliver high-fidelity, reliable, interactive, and personalized digital content (web publishing).

Processing of information from the printing point of view, a process needs multiple output of digital printing technology will be put forward higher requirements.

Digital Printing Seven: Digital System

What is a digital printing system? Digital printing is a printing system, the whole process of digital, networked technologies, computer to plate covers, digital workflow, digital proofing, on-demand, quick printing technology, the printing industry to adapt to the inevitable development of the information age.
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