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PK irreconcilable traditional publishing digital publishing?

2013-03-29 13:57:51 Administrator Click:
Recently, digital technology and traditional publishing industry continue to disputes between, conflicting evidence has become increasingly evident, the collapse of photosynthesis, in turn no doubt lead to a confrontation with a cusp. In this regard, yesterday held in the traditional publishing and digital publishing business co-operation Fair, 30 from the field of traditional publishing and digital publishing industry areas were discussed, they think of traditional publishing and digital publishing not irreconcilable, but should go integration.

Jingdong Mall online launch of the "children's books already discounted all cap" promotion attracted 24 children's publishers nationwide boycott; "Baidu Library" infringement caused by the protests of writers and publishers ... This seems to indicate that traditional publishing and digital publishing irreconcilable situation, but in fact, Fujian has many traditional publishing industry on the boss started with digital publishing companies. "We are ready to do Xiamen digital library, and hopefully a few books through the promotion and marketing network." Xiamen University Press, responsible for the statements to break the embarrassment of the meeting site, and many digital publishing company in Xiamen on the traditional publishing industry a good show. Xiamen travel home network Niying Wei, vice president, said, traditional publishing and book the most important thing is to build a brand, as long as the brand hard enough, do not be afraid of digital publishing, digital publishing with the integration is able to grow their own.

Provincial Vice Chairman of the Provincial Press and Publications Bureau, said Guo family present, some traditional publishers of digital publishing is still a lack of adequate attention and study, while lagging behind industry standards, policies related to access is not clear, for the transformation of traditional publishing caused some difficulties, and digital publishing of qualified personnel and management level, does not meet the needs of the rapid development of the publishing industry.
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