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Introduce the relevant standard of valve electric device

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Valve electric device design, manufacturing, testing should involve a number of standards to regulate the work. Used the following criteria are given the name and code as easy to use search index. In addition, will also be briefed on the standards listed contents.

Technical conditions of JB/T8528-1997 type valve electric device

It is the latest standard of valve electric device, the standard 1998-01-01 implementation. It is on the ZBJ16002-87 "valve electric device technology" revision. According to the recent electric device design, testing, inspection and use of practice, the standard was revised to ZBJ16002-87 in the working environment of temperature, noise index, starting torque, maximum torque, torque control, speed control and test methods. It will replace the implementation of ZBJ16002-87.

Shanghai Star pump valve manufacturing Co. Ltd is the main drafting unit standards

Connect the GB12222-2005 multi-turn valve actuator

Version 89 of the standard equivalent to adopt international standards ISO5210/1 ~ 5210/3-1982 "multi-turn valve actuator connection". It provides the connection size multi-turn valve actuator and valve size and drive parts, as well as the torque and axial thrust of the reference value. The standard for connecting dimensions to gate valve, globe valve, throttle valves and diaphragm valves such as valves on the valve drive device.

The 2005 edition is modified by the international standard ISO 5210:1991.

At present, connection size and type of some electric apparatus of international manufacturers of products are the same as the standard.

Connect the GB12223-2005 part of the rotary valve drive device

The Standard Version 89 is equivalent to adopt international standards ISO5211/1 ~ 5211/3-1982 "part of the rotary valve electric device.". It provides the connection part of the rotary valve actuator and valve size and drive parts, as well as the torque reference value. The standard for connecting dimensions to ball valve, butterfly and plug valves with the valve actuator and valve.

The 2005 edition is modified by the international standard ISO 5211:1991.

Electric device life test procedures for JB/T8862-2000 valve

This standard specifies requirements for test valve electric device life test, test items, test methods. Type of valve electric device life test in the test is still based on the standard provisions. One of the reference standard JBZ247-85 JB/T8528-1997 "common type valve electric device technology".

Technical conditions of three-phase asynchronous motor for JB2195-98 series YDF2 valve electric device

This standard stipulated flower phase asynchronous motor types, basic parameters and dimensions, with the YDF2 series valve electric device technical requirements, inspection rules and test methods, marking and packaging and the use of requirements.

This standard applies only to the common type of valve electric device, all kinds of motor belongs to the series of derived can also refer to.

General requirements GB3836.1-2000 explosion-proof electrical equipment in explosive environment

GB3836.2-2000 electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres flameproof electrical apparatus "d"

The two standards are mandatory standards for the design, manufacture, explosion-proof electrical equipment inspection, testing must be performed. Because of the explosion-proof valve electric device for flame-proof type, and thus to comply with the relevant provisions of GB3836.2-2000.

GB 3836.1-2010 explosive atmospheres - part first: General requirements

GB 3836.2-2010 explosive atmospheres - Part second: by flameproof enclosure "d" protection equipment

The latest version of the two standard, will be implemented in the 2011-08-01.

JB/T8529-1997 specification of flameproof electric valve device

Valve electric device flameproof type belongs to the more complex explosion-proof electrical equipment, and it has a certain body characteristics. So set the industry standard design specification of explosion-proof valve electric device. It provides the explosion-proof electrical equipment technical requirements, test method, inspection rules and so on. Our company for the drafting of the standard units

JB/T8530-1997 valve electric device model preparation method, the standard provisions of the compilation of type of valve electric device

International quality management and quality assurance system of international quality system Several problems should be paid attention to in the pneumatic control valve in the installation commissioning
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